Shared Service Center

provides support to banks and insurance companies in KBC Group.

We belong to KBC Group. Find out more about our who we are, our common culture and values.

Does our logo look familiar to you? We are part of a bank and insurance group which is represented by banks in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland and Slovak Republic. In 2011 we joined the blue team and in May of the same year our Shared Service Center came to be. First couple of employees have found their second home at the Brno offices (some of those are with us to this day). Many things have changed since then. There are over 700 people in the Brno team, our offices have grown to more than 8 000 m2, the activities we do have expanded as did the knowledge we pass on to our new colleagues.

Who are we?

We are not a bank. And these are the best years of our life. You will find a combination of informal environment filled with professionals who play a crucial role in the inner workings of banking operations. We care about being happy at work in every aspect and to feel good here. That is why we talk to each other a lot and we frequently ask, be it in person or by questionnaires which help us to create an idea how it is to work here.

Where do we work?

Do you think that if your area of interest is something other than IT that you are doomed to work in grey offices? We are the living proof that today it is completely different. And we are proud of that. We spend quite a lot of our time at work and we want to be comfortable here. We have smartly adapted open space offices and took proper interest in kitchenettes and relax zones. Do you want to work from a comfy couch, at a bar table or with a child in a children´s corner? Do you want to take a break to play table football or Nintento, take a slide to the lower floor instead of using the stairs? Be our guest. We are glad when the space fulfils its purpose.